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About POPDesigninc

Pop Design Inc. is a design and visual consultancy.

With fifteen years experience designing within the retail and luxury goods industry, Sara Williams founded the Buckinghamshire based independant consultancy.

Pop design prides itself on being able to identify the target of every brief and to communicate the key message to a consumer which achieve's your design goals and will drive your business or promotion forward.


How we can help you

We can manage all your design needs to help market your business or promotion from logo design to point of sale furniture. Design in business can comprise a variety of approachs. For some clients POP works closely with their creatives, marketing and production teams. While for other clients we can bring on board a team suited to the project in question.  We are solution driven where the process is devised to meet clients way of working. We will listen and assist you with an honest and flexible attitude to make the process as easy as possible.



We believe in working efficiently and effectively completing projects on time and in budget.  We work hard on behalf of our clients. This has to be balanced with making time to enjoy and have fun with the experience for everyone envolved. 

An idea is like a seed put into the light, nourish with some creativity, knowledge and attention, it will grow and develop into a fine plant in its appearance producing flower and fruit for harvesting.

We like to think at all stages of the design and production process, we consider the environment and if there are ways we can ease the impact made by our designs.  We will pursue these to make the best solution that meets our clients functional and visual requirements.


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